Featured Artist

Julie Leuthold

"My passion for painting began about ten years ago.  Bellingham has been such an inspiration with it's natural beauty and wonderful energy.  I am totally self-taught, and find it relaxing and invigorating at the same time."

Be sure to look for the word "JOY" hidden in all of Julie's paintings - we hope they bring you some joy as well!

Featured Artist

April Davis

I started painting for fun more than 30 years ago, and have no art training.  Though my paintings are the antithesis of serious art, I am serious about doing my best on every painting.  I love people, color, and humor, and have a lot of fun with everyday scenes gone awry.

Though most of my paintings are made with acrylic, I like to add things like fabric paint, paint pens, jewels, beads, paper, modeling paste, hardware, and whatever else catches my eye.