Featured Artist


One of the most important requirements of an artist is to see their world through their own eyes while interpreting it in their unique way…painting that, which brings them to their “state of excitation”.  At Studio UFO artists are encouraged to do just that, working on their own project, their chosen medium, while taking advantage of easel-to-easel instruction, spirited critiques and lively presentations.  Class schedules and Registration Forms are available on the website, via email, or in person at Studio UFO.  Check it out and “Come paint with us!”


Featured Artist

I love the vibrant colors and the movement that oil painting allows me to achieve in my work.  I have always painted with a desire to see things from a different perspective.  Art should have a whimsical side, something that brings a smile to the viewer.  www.lorihill.fineartstudioonline.com

Lori Hill